Seeing the underdog to victory

Impact through experience.



Bryan grew up with a passion for music, pursuing guitar as his instrument of choice. He spent countless hours watching, listening and learning from his favourite musicians on the TV and radio. 

As a teenager, Bryan was diagnosed with Aspergers and Bipolar Disorder and struggled with addictions. Determined not to be identified by these labels, Bryan faced these challenges head on. He realized many of the things he thought he was cursed with were actually his biggest gifts. As a result of these experiences, Bryan's dream was to somehow combine his love of music with his desire to be a source of inspiration. 

Bryan has toured North America with countless teams utilizing music & visual art, along with sharing stories of inspiration to help people in need. Bryan's focus is to continue exhibiting that anything is possible with the right heart and mindset.


Bryan toured Canada with the Robb Nash Project sharing a small piece of his story for almost 3 years. Now he is going into more details as an advocate for change. His message is one of hope to share that we are not defined by our Pains, Problems, or diagnosis.


Producer * Writer * Speaker


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Bryan Today

1) Get back up: is about going through hell and deciding to get back up after every hit, to keep walking on to the other side towards a purpose filled life.

2) Manifest: Is about looking at yourself in the mirror and facing the music. Literally being truthful with yourself and your circumstances knowing that we can achieve or feed anything we believe.

3) Reign Again: Is about facing the storm and deciding to dance in the rain. Facing your fears and having fun working on you while getting your feet wet in the process.